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- bad balance, it feels like you just cranked everything up and threw it into a limiter
- too loud, no dynamic range
- sound design is too similar throughout
- transitions are bad, try using something else than just filtering
- having the bass constantly hit with the drums at :50 or so just doesn't work, especially considering there's no form of ducking there
with all of that being said, my favorite part was around 1:18ish

I'm tired right now so I'm just gonna write my review in bullet point form.
- 0:50 Dissonance between bass and chords (bass notes almost always non-chord tones here)
- Bass is too loud, and feels like it crowds the synth range
- Bad balance, especially during the drop
- Okay feel
- Needs work on filling in the rest of the range with something else than reverb
- 1:39 - Serves almost no purpose, feels like filler-- no new instruments or anything

the bass reminds me of Alix Perez & EPROM - Chiron

that oscillating sub at the beginning has me bouncing in my seat every time this comes on when i drive

After hearing these vocals I’d love to see you make a metalstep track. I thought it was a little empty at first, but this track really has a lot of merit.

Arrangement is nice, but some of those bass FX are just ear-rending. Maybe I'm just sensitive, but I think I'd become fatigued after listening to this for a while.

Falsesouth responds:

That is completely justified. It could be a matter of sound design itself, the levelling or the stereo configuration.
Will definitely look into that further in future projects.

Thank you! :)

i came in my pants and inadvertently yeeted the fuck out of the vote 5 button
also nice vocodex jej

XEFSketch responds:

YEET. Thanks! I rarely use vocodex, but I had to in this one. Gotta maintain that FL STATUS.

The bass seems unbearably shoved under the piano and orchestral instruments in the first drop. I don't really know what to think of this, honestly.

i think you’re a bit late

I’m not gonna focus on the good, because I’d just be reiterating what has already been said. You have your strengths. However, the fact that you only used one “bass” throughout the whole first drop kind of irks me. The bass that IS present really doesn’t cut through— it’s a little too wet and lacks some things that really would make it stand. Atmosphere is lacking in places besides the drop.

I get the feeling you went for something kind of VR-esque with interspersing the growls in those heavy chords and higher-energy sounds, but you’re not quite there yet.

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