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It's pretty good.

I'll reserve my more technical and harsh criticisms because clearly it's your first EP and you're bound to only go up from here-- it's not worth explaining all the little things when you're probably going to discover them yourself.
On another note, Never Spaghetti is a very good one. I feel like the other drops suffered from a lot of clutter and didn't really ever catch my attention because I could not really find a specific catchy part-- they were all jumbled together. Dreaming in 16-Bit is nice too, yet, I do believe it also suffers from a bit of clutter. I like it more for the sounds, though-- the lead is nice.

GobSmacked responds:

Ayy thanks for the review!! Ill try to improve :D (i tried to go for something trippy and some riddim in sicc and no chill. Idk i thought this choppyness was somewhat cool and gives some contrast to heavy bass. Yee maybe thats just my opinion :3 but its OBVIOUSLY improvable for sure so yeah)

Fucking epic compressed-sounding neuro bass. I didn't think you'd ever surpass tracks like Pomodoro, that was my jam for a while. Bossfight/10.

Cool as always. Sounds like old C418 if his songs were a bit more upbeat and progressive.

Surkol responds:

Wow you're fast. Thanks man as always! Don't know who he is. Sounded like a name for a plugin hahah. I'll have to google him now. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

Edit: aah he made the minecraft music

Reverb is good and all, but don't forget about delay, too. They, combined, can add some pretty good ambience to it. Also, to go after the rather creepy vibe you seem to be going for, I recommend you add some discordant tones and stuff to not only increase tension, but to fill in the song further: it seems rather empty. Nonetheless, a good start!

Achronai responds:

I appreciate the time, thanks for your review!

I will definitely try to do what you've suggested, all stuff I didn't think of ^^; thanks for the pointers!

Your sound design is really becoming more original, but I feel like this could've been so much better if you had waited for it to further flourish... and the melodies, they're rather lacking. Of course I know the focus was much more on sound design and mixing, but your old tracks had nice melodies and grooves, pushing great vibes into everyone.

It feels like partially wasted potential... and the song seems a bit short. I still loved everything you did within the song. The off-key bassy fills in the first drop add a lot, and the chords are greatly designed, albeit not all too varied. The second drop is simply lackluster and I think you tried a little too hard to make it resemble ToE2's second, too...

I hope you do better with Electrodynamix II, as it leaves much more room for creative melodies. The powerful hard-hitting chords you used in the first drop of this song would fit it quite well. I trust you'll make all the right decisions when it comes to producing it.

Instruments sound clearly sampled and there's no real background ambience or nice touches to the track. Despite not being an original compisition, it has okay arrangement. It definitely leaves room for improvement.

death2go responds:

thanks for giving me some pointers, never could really construct waves into something i want, so ive used presets and i guess never really got past it. could you also point me into the direction of what you refer to as "nice touches" as well? that would be appreciated! thanks for the review and have a great day!

Using just synth elements in the buildups took a bit away from the experience. Additionally, practically restarting at around 1:20 sort of threw away all the momentum you had. Good, though.

SimonVonck responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to change the build-up in my new songs and I'll try to keep the momentum, thank you! :D

Two problems:

1) Reverb doesn't match between sounds.
2) Repetition, which isn't inherently bad, but there's such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Otherwise good.

WhiscasKaat responds:

This track is from one year ago, but I just uploaded it. Now I'm getting better, please check my latest tracks on SoundCloud. Anyway, thanks for your comment :)

Vary your instruments more. There are a lot of quiet parts in a drop that could've been filled in with something like an arpeggiated synth sound, a laser-like effect, or some big drum hits. The sound design is also a big issue here. You seem to just be using stock FL sounds, which is by no means a wrong route to go, but you seem to not be doing anything new with them on top of it. I don't actually know if you do use that kind of stuff, but it still gives off that kind of vibe.

The end seemed kind of lazy, just lowpassing and removing instruments. Try creating an entirely different sound for a melody at the end of a song. Also, I couldn't notice any distinctive hook within the song. You need to work on arrangement.

Despite what I'm saying, your music is pretty okay right now, and you definitely have the potential to improve, which is what everybody needs. Good luck-- hope to see more of you in the future.

Groovy; funky; everything between.

djhoneyb responds:

Just what I aimed for

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