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I hate to say it but you need to do something new, X.
I feel about this like I felt about Authority-- it just wasn't the innovation from you that I'm used to.
I love your music and I certainly think you could continue on this path-- in my opinion, you're already past greats like Au5 and Fractal. But I think seeing something from you that didn't involve a shitload of phasers and frequency shifters would be cool. To see you take a stab at doing something like Alon Mor would be particularly incredible, I think.

good sound design nib


zzamiz responds:

hell yea

good, and doesn't try to be something that it isn't. i like it

Thomaisho responds:

Thank you very much ^_^ I appreciate it

Here's what's wrong with this track:
- Spectral content from instrumentation: Way too much high end, sounds shrill and I'm sure it damn near gave me tinnitus.
- Sub content: Very distinct lack of a good low end.
- Arrangement: Lacks a very good structure. There's an intro, a buildup and a drop-- all are present, but transitions are very, very weak. Very repetitive
- Mixing: Your drums don't cut through anything. No elements of the track respond dynamically to other parts and everything collides.
- Mastering: None at all.

I'm sorry that I can't say anything good about this track besides "hey, it's better than some of the tracks on here." Good luck.

PancakePocket responds:

Thanks for the review! I am always trying to become a better musician so thank you for pointing out what I need to do better! :) although I do disagree with you.. I asked other people what they thought of the song and they all said it was amazing! (I asked people from newgrounds on a discord server) And I noticed based on your voting history that you have been zerobombing people lately because your music is not receiving good reviews, so you take out your anger by zerobombing people. If you don’t apologize right no to me i will get you banned because I have a. Proof and B. I know people that you zerobombed.

It's okay. Feels kinda empty and that clicky bassline doesn't seem to work well with rest of the song.
It's also fairly repetitive.

jacob satori ous hahaha!!!

except you're not a bad artist

I'd have to second what infinite said. Nothing about this is interesting. Does not captivate nor suprise. It's just a bad cover of a bad song.

That was a very unwarranted modulation to a minor key at the drop. It's possible to do dubstep in major, you know, but you also could've modulated to the relative minor (B minor?) of the original key, rather than G minor. It would be much better to do so.
Bass design is lackluster and I feel like the drop is way too short for the buildup you create.
I still give 3.5 because it's okay; it's not as if I'd totally object to listening to it.

ELEPS44 responds:

I respect your decision a lot.
I also feel that the subject is a dick. That's why I hesitated to upload it or not. That day I felt very disillusioned since my mother has a very serious and good illness.
That day I felt for the ass. And well the subject was very bad. I do not regret to upload it if not that many are accompanying and supporting you in what music. I respect your decision and thanks for your opinion

everyday mams oblocks

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