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Ugh. This is just... where do I even start?
First and foremost, there’s next to no attempt at any form of arrangement. No apparent rhyme or reason to the progression of the song overall.
And I could ignore it if there was any attempt at original sounds or sound design. There wasn’t. Nor was the sound even fitting for a “dubstep” song. It could possibly be techno, but that would still be a stretch.
Lastly, the “drop...”
About that. What entitles that to even be a drop? No tension was built and none was released. It served no purpose to the song itself.
You need to work long and hard, and if a track takes you fifty hours to make-- furthermore, when it ends up like this, you’re doing something wrong. Either start simpler or get better gear.

Kysertron responds:

First: I agree with you when you said that this song is a techno rather than a dubstep. I edited it to where it says techno instead of dubstep.

Second: FGKOfficial is a mere rookie at dubstep, yet he works mostly on related works or house music. This song was rather some random collab we made together (50 hours in 9 days will definitely tell you that there will be a lot of rushed parts). I have no room to talk as well as I myself am also a rookie (more advanced, but still a rookie), but I do remixes just fine.

Third: Speaking of 50 hours in 9 days, when you do work in that time and span, you tend to space out sometimes while tweaking on some channels. As you can tell on the first drop, when the phrase repeats the first time, you start hearing a very loud buzzing until the melody returns, but then the buzzing returns at the beginning of the second drop.

Fourth: The meaning of a "drop" is loosely defined. The first drop, as you said, had no tension and nothing was released, but the second drop had some tension built, but the end of the build-up can be quite annoying due to the extremely high pitch rise.

Fifth: The second instrument that came in the beginning was an original instrument (it is called "Shards"). 70% of the instruments overall was original (All 4 drop instruments were original, Shards was original, the subbase+rise was original).

Next to no variation in instruments. Can’t say the drop is very diverse either.

Djjaner responds:

I know... Next time try harder.

My last review of one of your songs was rather harsh. I apologize for that.
This one, I'll try to give a bit of constructive criticism within it. Albeit this one is a lot better so I'll obviously be inclined to leave a better review.

Eh, diversity, as others have said, is not this song's strong point. Love the melody but you definitely repeat it too much. Work on that, just as others have said.
You may also need to work on filling in the songs, as in, adding subtle influences from other instruments in order to captivate someone subconsciously. That being said, you do well in what you have done insofar-- the instruments you use captivate interest consciously.

Looking forward to further improvement from you, definitely.

Ejohnykins responds:

well thanks! Trust me I'm working on being creative. I'm looking in to FL or ableton so I have better instruments!

It's a bit of a newbie mistake to slap a phaser on a saw wave without doing anything beforehand. Not saying you're a newbie (from the rest of this and the other songs you've put out, you definitely aren't), but try applying some chorus/unison pre-phaser. Some organic elements like tom samples or vocals wouldn't have hurt, too. Steady quality throughout, though.

DemonicNobility responds:

Thanks for the tips and appreciate the review :) I'm not too good with phasers in general so I'll keep that in mind.

Honestly? It's overrated. Too many time-stretched samples of the original song and the sound design isn't anything to marvel at.

Ehhh... "hard hitting electronica?"
I really wouldn't go as far as to say that this was "hard-hitting." It's mediocre in power as far as (what I know to be) the Electronica genre goes.

Nonetheless, I won't mark off a point or two for the fact that I don't appreciate the genre in general, nor what I believe to be an overstatement of the power your song carries. It has its strengths, lying in the atmospheric sections and the ambiance that follows throughout the entire song. Not excluding the fact that it keeps a constant mood of mystery, I can definitely say that you have some degree of consistency, which is what a lot of people on this god-forsaken site lack. Keep at it.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review! I agree with you about how it's not that "hard-hitting". I guess that was my original intention, but the track didn't turn out that way. I'll change that in the description. I appreciate how you recognize my "consistency." I've tried to make my work more coherent, and I'm glad it's paying off. Thanks again. ;)

basipally 90% newground sogn ! good jojb. anything name dubstep gener good. e !

DemonicNobility responds:

Thanks man I have big dream!!!!

Drums sound a little dry, and of course I can't commend you for original melodies. But I disagree, I think the arrangement is pretty good on this. You adequately balanced out usage of instruments and didn't really fuck up any part of the arrangement.

I agree, the custom song policy is fucking shit. Rob said he might allow new artists as he sees fit. You could post on the forum and hope for the best, I guess. I'd allow you if it were up to me.

"Kinda bad" is an understatement. And you'd need at least $200 to make Xaro use this in his level, and that's only if you had him locked in your basement.

Ejohnykins responds:

Thanks very much for saying it's an "Understatement" :) so kind

I think this is very good, but I think you are somewhat wrong about this being more in the same vein as Xilent and Au5.

Sure, the sound design is similar-- lots of combs and phasers, with a bit of drive on them, but the arrangement is totally different. Hard to pick out a lot of transitions in a clean in concise way, and the rhythm just seems... messy, but it has its perks, like distinguishing your sense and style in music from others. Plus, Au5 is not much into DnB songs as he is into breakbeat/glitch and dubstep, save for a few songs like Blue (with Fractal, though).

And really, no, Stardust is not wrong about it seeming gritty and unclean-- better EQing and appropriate ducking is required to get a cleaner mix, which is hard when the rhythm is indescribably unique like you've done. Plus, there's some definite crowding in frequencies where the basses and snares collide.

Overall, I give it a 4.5/5, because it surely has its merit, and no doubt you've earned the recognition you've been given. It's just a bit unpolished in some aspects. Great melodies though, albeit mostly are those of Xtrullor.

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