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Ravitex responds:


Generic as hell, and instruments hardly sound original.

I like the cause, I really do. I experience symptoms _similar_ to that of Aspergers syndrome (although it turned out to be a cocktail of ADHD, depression and anxiety) so I know how you feel, to some extent. I have gotten over it by now but I do remember the first few years of my life (or rather 14) as being very awkward due to it.

But... the song really isn't that great. The vocals are a bit messy, and the lyrics aren't anything too good. Sorry to say such a thing but my ears just aren't all too pleased by them. Backing track is good though, I like it.

Keep at it; you're very good at these sorts of pieces, as far as the composition goes. But you may want to hire a vocalist in the future if you want to make something highly professional.

maxxpump responds:

I'm admittedly not the best singer by any standard, but for someone with a speech impediment I'm not bad by any means. The lyrics I wrote were true to me. The singings in tune and the harmonies are in exact sync and also in tune. I've been playing this one on and off live and am a singer in my band, we get an average turnout of around five to six hundred people, and apart from on Newgrounds I've never had a complaint about my singing. I'm not classically trained and am self taught, same with my keyboard playing. This song is a bit of a scrap project and I know it could be better.

I don't actually know anyone who would sing for me, I've asked around new ground numerous times and only pulled blanks which is a great shame as I have alot of singer songwriter songs on the back burner and won't release them until I have a decent vocal.

Releasing this song was one of the worst ideas I've had yet as I had nothing but hate through the mailing system, people telling me to pack it in and leave newgrounds. The lyrics reflect the fact that people generally treat me like shit, and this is whats happened yesterday also, so nothings changed, as I said in the song its just another hiccup and I just have to get on with it.

Thanks for your notes on the composition I will keep on making pieces like this and hopefully one day be able to hook up with a vocalist which sounds slightly better than me. As that's were I admit, I'm in tune but my voice just doesn't sound pleasing enough to be a singer as a profession, but it gets me by and it does pay the bills to some extent.

Low-res string sample really added the final touch to an already great song. Made me think I was listening to an old PCM sample from an old console.

rikcobra responds:

Im glad you liked it! For me that sample added some grit and made it feel a bit more dusty in a sense, which is what i was looking for :)

Sound design is bad, arrangement is bad. I can’t really pick out many good things about this song.

Como TDWL2 dijó, no es Drum n Bass. Pero es una canción bueno, y usted produce muy bien. A mí me encantan las canciones que usted produce!

Lo siento si no hablo español bien. Estoy aprendiendo hablarlo.

LoadFailed responds:

Gracias y quiero decirte que hablas bien él español ^^

Not necessarily neurofunk. Neurofunk usually has a tempo around 100-130, or double that. Still okay, but mastering/mixing is a bit shoddy.

DJ-Frosted responds:

It's not mastered lol... Also Neurofunk is 170 - 180 but i doubt anyone from 4chan would know anything about that ;)

Weird progression; I couldn't really find a time or groove to it. I knew it's in 4/4 but it seemed like there were 10-measure sections to the song. Although I don't know if that's just my mind fooling me.

Keep it up, man!

keep the hell you’re make music . h

DemonicNobility responds:

Thanks :)

Lovely, except a few more chords in the lower end would have been nice.

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