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Cool and well-done.

Normally I'd call something like this made in modern times bad.
But considering it's a 2008 song, I actually liked this kind of music back then.
I find it somewhat nostalgic.

cool and somewhat good

Acings responds:

like generic edm

I can't give you points or commend you on arrangement, because it's much less of a remix and more of a recreation.
Mixing seems like an afterthought, if present at all (doesn't seem like it).
"Wobble basses" were arguably deprecated from the dubstep scene long ago, you need more original sound design. Piano lacks any character or space, making it stick out like a sore thumb.

You need to widen your mix. Having only the percussive elements and risers occupy the sides of your mix doesn't work well.
It lacks any catchy rhythms or patterns for me to follow. Kick doesn't cut through the mix well enough, to the point that it seems like an afterthought under the bass.
Overall, it sounds like the basis for a good song, but I can't see myself listening again.

Kraftor responds:

Thanks, Auretilex was looking for advice on this.
I used R1 limiter on the master so yes most of the sounds are compressed a lot and you are right, I have to work on all the things you said.
Any tip on widening the whole mix? I know just one[Ozone] which I use after finishing a track.

your "best work" could use a lot of improvement.
The mix is done poorly, with a fair helping of frequency masking and poor EQ. Case in point: the area surrounding your snare's root tone and your chords' root seem to occupy the same frequency range. There's a load of clipping (distortion due to reaching a volume threshold). Things seem generally muddy.
The chord movement in the second "drop" or "chorus," I guess, doesn't have a lot of coherence to it, leaving me more confused than the first chorus.
You seem to have some sense of music, but it's not quite there yet. I know how it feels.

Lot7even responds:

Your entirely right about all of that. I'm still learning my DAW, and listening back, there is a lot of gain. Thanks!

God, this brings me back to days in which you put out things like Blacklights and The Power.
You need to do more of this. Even though it may sound like generic house at this point, it's what you do best, and it's hella enjoyable to listen to.

I'll be honest, Nate. At first I wasn't too sure about your comeback. You started off pretty shoddily (I thought Theory III was actually pretty lackluster and unoriginal) but you've given me loads of hope with something like this. In addition to songs like Universe Within Me, you're no doubt going to go back to conquering NG.

holy shit it's way too shrill
unless my headphones are failing me, i'm telling you, you've got to take a look at an analyzer once in a while

the composition isn't shabby to say the least but the song itself sounds like you added noise and threw it through trash 2 and then high-passed it during the drop
you need to work on your mixing, and it needs a lot of work

ThiefOfVoid responds:

I know, like I said, this was made within 20 minutes. Of course it's going to sound like shit....

I don't have the best gear, all I have is a tablet, a keyboard, a phone and a computer....

It's not my best, I know :)

i like your shitposts

is ok

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