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ear-grating, superficial, incomprehensible, and whatever else you could find in thesaurus entries for those three words

only thing that really caught my attention was the "women are objects, they are my subjects" part, that gave me a good laugh

MrsHusband responds:

The words I needed to hear. Exactly what I was going for.

- not enough diversity
- that bit which fucked with the DC offset before the drop was kind of unneeded
- dry sound design
- really, really repetitive
- no background ambience during drop

I like this, but you should've tried to slice in some more piano flourishes and diversify the sections a bit. Gets a little repetitive.

THIFF responds:

ok, I will take your comment into account, Thank you very much for your advice

This has to be fucking illegal

When I saw the name "Crushed Bits," and saw the genre as "experimental," I was expecting something a little more like DemonicNobility's latest track "200 IQ something something" (https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/795948).
Anyways, this is good too. I definitely like the pads behind it. Sounds kind of nasal, or at least very vocal, like the sound FX used in some of the Earthbound tracks, which I'm a huge fan of.
You've got a very nice sense of melody and progression.

Winter89 responds:

Thanks man! Lmao my uncle came up with the name and ugh I have no idea what genre this is :( so I kinda just gave up on that. Thank you for the review!

I like this, I feel like you got the vibe you were going for, but... it feels too "mono." The only part in which I actually felt much stereo was 2:23, with that organ-y sound. You definitely need either to add more elements and pan them thoughtfully, or you could douse this with some reverb. If I were to have my way, this would probably be washed in a more damp reverb with a long tail. But, of course, that's personal preference!

My only other gripe is that there's no ducking on a majority (if not all) of the instruments when the kick hits, or at least, I heard none.

BusanBlack responds:

Hey thank you for the critique. I get the mono feel. I was going with like a old school chillout sound. Like Moby old school, but I couldn't quite figure out what I could have placed in it. I totally wanted to get some more sound in there to get more of a full orchestral piece. The only problem is that I'm using Rytmik Studio so I can't add much more which goes along with the ducking for the bass drum. I'm not sure how to add that in with the program. I want to get a more professional program like Acid, but I'm still just getting my feet wet. So I want to get more software and what not when I feel like I have a better understanding for production and mixing.

If you have any more tips for me I would totally appreciate it. I think I will go back in an get more reverb into some of the instruments and fix it up.

Appreciate it!

I forgot reverb modulation was a thing and nearly bust a fat one in amazement at that second drop

Dovax responds:

Thanks dude!

Absolutely love this! Great feel, and perfect balance to it. You chose your instruments really well. The synths were the best, in particular.

- bad balance, it feels like you just cranked everything up and threw it into a limiter
- too loud, no dynamic range
- sound design is too similar throughout
- transitions are bad, try using something else than just filtering
- having the bass constantly hit with the drums at :50 or so just doesn't work, especially considering there's no form of ducking there
with all of that being said, my favorite part was around 1:18ish

I'm tired right now so I'm just gonna write my review in bullet point form.
- 0:50 Dissonance between bass and chords (bass notes almost always non-chord tones here)
- Bass is too loud, and feels like it crowds the synth range
- Bad balance, especially during the drop
- Okay feel
- Needs work on filling in the rest of the range with something else than reverb
- 1:39 - Serves almost no purpose, feels like filler-- no new instruments or anything

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